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Message par SN Tara-Tessa Tesch le Dim 6 Déc - 16:30

My favourite movie is ‘The Scorch Trials’. This is sci-fi, action and thriller. It's about a group who escape out of a maze (‘Maze Runner’). Thomas is the main character. He’s played by Dylan O’Brien. Now that they are out of the maze they have a much bigger problem, because now they need to fight against a sickness called ‘The Flare'. It changes peoples into a kind of zombies. If you get a bite or a scratch you change into one of them. They also have problems with the heat. They need to cross a very big desert. I like this movie because of Dylan O'Brien, Thomas Sangster and because it's very exciting. There is one thing that I don't like about this movie and that is the ending. I don't like waiting for the next film. I would give this movie a 10.

SN Tara-Tessa Tesch

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