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My favorite movie Empty My favorite movie

Message par SN Yana Stoffijn le Dim 6 Déc - 16:20

My favorite movie is the Scorch Trials, that is the second movie of the Maze Runner.
The genres are sci-fi, action and thriller. The story is about Thomas and his friends.
After having escaped the Maze in the first movie, they are facing new challenges. They 're allowed to sleep in a big room. Thomas discovered that there are strange things happening in the building where they sleep. He wants to escape. And he also wants to know who the WCKD is. He and his friends escape the building and arrive at a strange place, the Scorch Trials, a zone with a lot of obstacles. There are zombies and helicopters that are searching them. After walking for a really long time, they visit Brenda and Jorge. They are also against WCKD. Thomas, Brenda, Jorge and the rest go to a place. There Teresa, a friend of Thomas, calls the people who are searching them. What happens after that, I'm not going to tell you.
You must watch the movie! I watched this movie because I also watched the first one of the Maze Runner and I wanted to know what happened next.
I also watched it because I realy like Dylan O' Brien when he's acting in movies. I really recommend you to watch the Scorch Trials, if you haven't already watched it.
SN Yana Stoffijn
SN Yana Stoffijn

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My favorite movie Empty Re: My favorite movie

Message par Jenny Verkindere le Mer 27 Jan - 22:57

I am also a fan of this film, it's so great
The actors play very well and in addition are very beautiful
I love the context and the story
Personnally, I found that the second film is more afraid than the first Very Happy Very Happy
Jenny Verkindere
Jenny Verkindere

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