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Message par SN Lara vannecke le Lun 30 Nov - 19:02

The Duff

My favourite movie is the Duff. It’s a romantic movie with a bit of humour. The movie is about three best friends. There are two very beautiful girls. But the other one isn’t that pretty. Her name is Bianca , she’s fat and wears weird clothes. Everyone calls her the Duff. First she doesn't know that but after a few years she finds out. The Duff means that she is a girl who can give the guys information about the other two pretty girls. She doesn't like that, her best friends and her neighbour help her to change. First she doesn't like her neighbour but then she falls in love with him. Her neighbour is popular and he’s ashamed for his relationship with Bianca. He doesn't want that someone knows. But in the end he tells everyone. I like the movie but actually I don’t know why. Maybe because it's funny and a movie for teenagers. I don’t know.
SN Lara vannecke
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