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Message par SN Eline Remmerie le Ven 27 Nov - 22:02

My favourite movie is Strange Magic. It's an animated fantasy movie about love. It's about a fairy queen who
has lost all hope for love after her fiancé cheated on her. I think he's an awful man. He only wanted to marry her
because he wanted to be a king with a big army.
After she is heartbroken she doesn't want to love or be loved ever again. Her dad still wants her to marry her
cheating fiancé. Because he thinks she can't rule the Kingdom alone. But she's an independent strong woman
who doesn't need a men to be happy. After her sister is taken by the Bog king, she goes after her to save her in
the dark forest.
But when she meets the bog king they fall madly in love. Every one thinks they are soulmates. They both hate
love and have bad experience with it. But when they warm more to each other, her ex­fiancé is about to ruin it
all. He still wants to be king and mary Marianne. He uses a love potion and uses it on her.But it doesn't work
because she has already found true love.
I really like this movie because they use music from the past six decades to tell the sory. Also the movie tells
that love isn't based on looks and stuff. You can overcome a broken heart. And you can find love again. That's
why I think it's the best animated movie ever. It isn't about a princess who has to be saved by a prince. It's
different and I like that.

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